Do you need a corporate portrait photographer in Barcelona?

Get a corporate portrait with an attitude that connects with your customers.

Hola! Do you still have a passport photo on your LinkedIn profile? Today, a lot of opportunities arise through professional networks and having a professional corporate portrait with attitude will help you stay ahead of your competition.

Look at some of the portraits I’ve done for other clients and how can I help you to get an image with an attitude that makes you connect much faster with your customers.

Group portrait of the board of directors of Launchmetrics

Corporate Portrait

Individual or group as you prefer

One of the inconveniences that you find when you are looking for a corporate portrait photographer, is to know who you can trust among such an offer and have the certainty that you will be able to make the best of yourself.
Normally in the portfolio you see photos of models, or of very attractive people and think: “… this person is very attractive but instead I …” This is one of the first thoughts that will change when we get to work in your portrait


Because the portraits I take are based on capturing an attitude, an emotion, creating an expressive photo with an intention that makes you connect with your customers.
Para conseguirlo fijamos un objetivo claro y preciso con el que poder empezar a trabajar, de esta manera tu te sientes a gusto y puedes centrarte únicamente en tu objetivo, conseguir un buen retrato.

Editorial Portrait

Take advantage of your office and turn it into a studio

Do you want to take advantage of your space to enhance your image? No problem, I move. Your offices are part of your image branding, why not take advantage of them to create your personal or company image.

What advantages do you get?

You save travel time. Time is money, if you can not move your employees, managers, … this is an ideal solution for you, since you will not have to stop working hours to conduct the session.

Highlight your image, whether you are a company or an entrepreneur, you can take advantage of a portrait session to publish on social networks, publications, press releases, …

You can expand the variety of images, instead of limiting yourself to the studio backgrounds and at the same time, take advantage of the different spaces to connect with your clients in a more human way.

Corporate portrait in the studio of Lluís Tolosa, book publisher.

Insikt Intelligence

Insikt Intelligence

Insikt Intelligence

Insikt Intelligence

Insikt Intelligence

Insikt Intelligence

Group portrait of the board of directors of Launchmetrics


Inka Guixa

Inka Guixa

Quim Chalé by Portrait Photographer Barcelona Marc Díez

Quim Chalé

Stefan Bocker by Portrait Photographer Barcelona Marc Diez

Stefan Bocker

Editorial portrait in location of Michael Jaïs, Launchmetrics CEO de Launchmetrics by Marc Díez portrait photographer based in Barcelona.

Michael Jaïs

Corporate portrait of Vica Nazarenko, NPL Coach y mediator, in studio.

Vica Nazarenko

Corporate portrait in the studio of Lluís Tolosa, book publisher.

Lluís Tolosa

Corporate portrait in the studio of Lluís Tolosa, book publisher.

Lluís Tolosa

Corporate portrait on location by Michael Jaïs, CEO of Launchmetrics

Michael Jaïs

Corporate portrait on location of Alison Bringé, CMO of Launchmetrics

Alison Bringé

Corporate location portrait of Arnaud Roy, CSO of Launchmetrics

Arnaud Roy

Corporate location portrait of Carlos Ortega, Regional Managing Director of Launchmetrics

Carlos Ortega

Corporate portrait in studio of Luís Díez, creative director of the Arca

Luís Díez

Vica Nazarenko by

Vica Nazarenko

Corporate portrait in studio of Guillem García, Chief Cientific Officer at Insikt Intelligence

Guillem García

Paco Marcó

Launchmetrics interviews Carla Vázquez, communication director at Del Pozo, to discover how she uses her products to position herself in the market.


À l'occasion du 270e anniversaire, la marque de fils DMC a lancé une édition spéciale spéciale d'un fil à broder en or.

Fil d’or by DMC

Video Cards Local Energy Company for all its customers performing an activity teamwork at its offices in Barcelona

Energia Local

Video to promote a new thread launched to the market by DMC

Handy by DMC

Video educativo para enseñar como se utiliza el hilo Handy de DMC

Handy by DMC

Do you have any question? Look what some clients say …

“Marc Díez no solo domina la técnica, sobre todo sabe crear la atmósfera para que te relajes y puedas mirar a la cámara siendo tú mismo”

Lluís TolosaEscritor

“I had never liked the photos, the excuses were several: I don't look good, I don't recognize myself, I always go out with my eyes closed ... Until I had the session with Marc and a new world opened. His empathy and professionalism made me feel comfortable and made my best photographic version appear. Now I recognize myself in the photos and proudly show them in the dossiers and web pages. Thank you very much, Marc!”

Quim ChaléCoach y Formador

“It has been a pleasure working with Marc, he has made me excellent photos and the treatment has been very professional and detailed. Marc brings good advice at the level of corporate image and focus, which helps to convey your values and your passion to customers. I loved working with him!”

Vica NazarenkoNPL Coach y Mediadora

How long have you not update your image?

Every day is different, so are you, that is why it is important to keep your profile updated.

As you progress professionally you are maturing. Do you remember that face with your eyes full of illusion that you had at the very beginning? I’m sure you haven’t lost that illusion, but surely you’ve also added experience, professionalism and self-confidence, values that we all reflect on our profile but sometimes are difficult to show. That is why it is very important to have an updated portrait that reflects a complete image of you to stand out from the multitude of profiles that you find in professional networks.

If that is your case, I can help you create an updated image of your profile that helps you reflect all those values and skills that help you connect better with your customers.

Corporate portrait in studio of Quim Chalé, coach and trainer, by Marc Díez, corporate portrait photographer

How can I help you?

I can also take care of your event

if you need a photographer for your gala, conference, …

Apart from portrait photography I am also specialized in the events photography: talks, conferences, awards, inaugurations, … capturing unique images to reflect everything that happens in your act taking care of all the details.

Throughout these years I have been fortunate to be able to work with different national and international companies capturing unique moments not only in Barcelona but also outside of Spain.


Do you have any question?