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If you do not, you need a portrait updated



You still have your college photo on LinkedIn and social networks?

Today I am writing to tell you about some of the benefits of having a portrait updated with attitude in your profiles. As I already told you in the article 5 tips to create your LinkedIn image, having a good profile photo is a ‘must’ if what you want is to make a good impression on your professional network, although it sounds very theoretical and technical, it is a fact.

Anyway, some of my clients tell me: “I already have a photo on my profile, why do I need to update it?”

Well, the advantages of having an updated image with attitude and professional are several; if you want to know them keep reading.


Benefits of a portrait updated with attitude


1. Increase your visibility and new contacts

If you want to advance your career, a portrait updated will help you increase visits to your profile and interest in human resources departments.

According to LinkedIn, a good image is one of the key points to contact someone you who are interested in incorporating your workforce. Why?

Because an image updated with attitude gives you the opportunity to communicate that you are friendly, pleasant and trustworthy, attributes that are crucial to ensure that potential customers interact with you.

2. You show interest in your professional activity

Keeping an updated picture tells your network that are active and always predisposed to improve, values highly valued in the labor market. Your professional network goes beyond LinkedIn.

In your day there are other social networks that help you and which are probably more active, such as Twitter, Facebook or Pinterest, Instagram even if you have a business profile or are leveraging the network to generate confidence.

Keeping your portrait updated on your networks shows your professionalism and your interest in making a good impression.

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3. It helps you to be better identified

Yes, having an portrait updated with attitude helps your professional environment to have a better idea of who you are.

You are not the same person today, as two years ago, when you started in this new position or rose in office and, of course, if it has been more than two years that you have not updated it, nor do I tell you!


Here are some examples of other clients who updated the profile …

Corporate portrait in studio of Quim Chalé, coach and trainer, by Marc Díez, corporate portrait photographer

“I had never liked the photos, the excuses were several: I don't look good, I don't recognize myself, I always go out with my eyes closed ... Until I had the session with Marc and a new world opened. His empathy and professionalism made me feel comfortable and made my best photographic version appear. Now I recognize myself in the photos and proudly show them in the dossiers and web pages. Thank you very much, Marc!”

Quim ChaléCoach y Formador
Corporate portrait in the studio of Lluís Tolosa, book publisher.

“Marc Díez not only mastered the technique, especially knows how to create the atmosphere so you can relax and look at the camera being yourself.”

Luís TolosaEscritor

I hope it has helped you understand the importance of having a portrait updated with attitude.
Have a great day and be happy!

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