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Hola! One of the crucial moments when making or reviewing your profile is creating your image on LinkedIn and that leads you to the million dollar question, what photo do I put here?

You start to review and review the photos that you have on your phone, in the folders on that hard drive that you have lying around, … but none of them convinces you.

Here’s a piece of information, according to LinkedIn, a profile with an image has 12 times more visits than one without and you have 36 times more chances of being contacted than if you leave the graphic that comes by default. I don’t know about you, but I understand that if you have your profile in this network of more than 500 million professionals, it is for them to notice you, right?

Don’t worry, keep reading, with these 5 tips I hope I can help you create your image on LinkedIn.

1. Yes or Yes photo

Although it seems very obvious, there are still many profiles on LinkedIn that do not have an image or that have a company logo on their digital resume.

It turns out that your photo is not only used to see if you are more or less photogenic. It also says a lot about you:

  • professionalism: only you, you know how good a professional you are, do you think someone who looks at an incomplete profile will consider you a professional?
  • attitude: a photo without attitude, that does not reflect any kind of emotion, do you find interesting? Well, the head hunter either.
  • personal brand: yes, you are your own personal brand, you are the best product of your own company and that is what companies want the best candidate who can function in their department.

Here is an example:

5 tips to create your image on LinkedIn

If you were looking for professionals, which of these three profiles would you choose?

2. Only You

Competences such as: social, teamwork, … are very important in your CV but they do not serve to create your image on LinkedIn, therefore in the photo you only have to leave yourself, without co-workers, partner, children, … remember your photo is your personal brand.

Animals either, even if you are a lover of dogs or cats, it is the photo of your professional profile.

3. Smile please…

You don’t have to be laughing out loud, but a smile will earn you extra points. According to several studies, a sincere smile transmits security and gets more visits!

Needless to say, party photos are useless even if you have the best smile in the world, unless you want to become a “professional party boy/girl”;)

4. Neutral Background

Choosing a study background gives you a plus of professionalism, although it is not essential. What you have to take into account is that the background of the image does not distract or make you lose visibility.

No matter how beautiful the studio or office where you work is, in this photo the only thing that matters is your person.

5. Dress for the occasion

My advice is that you dress as if you were going to the job you’ve always dreamed of, they say that intention is the first step to creating something, so put all the intention in the world to get that dream job.

Having said that, it depends on which work you can go more formal or informal, but in any case give a good image. And it is not advisable to use photos taken in the pool with little clothes, remember that you are in a professional network.

Ready to create your image on LinkedIn? If you have doubts about how to pose, I am preparing an article with some tips so that you have some notions of how to get in front of the camera.

What do you think of these tips? Leave me a comment with your opinion or questions you may have, I love reading all the opinions.

Be happy!

©2009-2021 Marc B. Díez. All rights reserved.

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